Our network cabling services are designed to help you control costs and raise the performance of the entire network.
No matter the type of network that you use, its size and complexity, or the types of cables your networks rely on to transfer voice, video, or data, we provide one end-to-end cabling solution for all your business needs.
Our service is intended for any type of business. From small and local businesses, learning and educational institutions, to large enterprises and industrial facilities in Estonia or all Europe, we have developed our service with your business in mind.
Our team of engineers will work closely with you to provide full and continuous support on the project.
First, they evaluate the network to identify possible issues. Based on this information, we can outline a plan in line with your goals, time frames, and budget.
After that, our professionals can work independently or with your IT teams to get the job done, and install, migrate, test, and maintain your network.
Regardless of whether your systems run on low voltage cables or fiber optics, our teams will map the entire network, organize and label the cables, and optimize the functionality of your systems.
This is critical for the success of your business. A reliable and stable connection ensures quick and easy access for all of your employees and customers in all areas of the physical office, and any business environment (physical or remote).
That’s why Datasys takes pride in providing a network cabling service according to modern tech standards, those of your industry, and always in line with your goals.
So that your costs remain flat and predictable while ensuring your business IT infrastructure is always operating smoothly and efficiently.

We can offer installation services in Estonia and also across Europe!


We can also supply all the products in need on client demands.


Some pictures of our earlier work:

Rittal cabinet installation

Rittal cabinet installation

CAT panels / Cisco switches installation

Patch cabling with numbering

Fiber optic installation / Double power supply solution installation

Cisco / Ruckus Wifi Ap installation

Density system installation