• AC7 500: Anchor clamp bail 500mm messenger 4-7mm Span: 90m For figure - 8 cables
  • AC7 500: Anchor clamp bail 500mm messenger 3-6mm Span: 90m For figure - 8 cables
  • Telenco ODWAC range of drop clamps has been developped for the dead-ending of flat fibre optic cables. These clamps consist of a stainless steel body, a jaw equipped with a wedge and a rugged stainless steel bail. Characteristics: Capacity: 15x6mm Material: Stainless steel Tensile strenght: 150daN Body lenght: 100mm Bail lenght: 150mm Benefits: Design enabling a direct cable installation with zero bend radius contraint. Available in different sizes: ODWAC XL to cover the majority of flat fibre optic cables
  • Galvanized steel anchoring hook for wooden pole, 8mm. These anchoring hooks with open eyelet are used for drop clamps direct installation on wooden supports such as woodworks, wood parts or facade or telecom poles. Used with wall plugs, these anchoring hooks fix on concrete facade. Simple and easy to mount anchoring points for drop cables.
  • Helical dead-end aluminium (short spans <70m) Capacity: 7,5-8,5mm The helical dead-ends are used for installation of All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) optical cables over spans up to 70m. They consist of preformed assembled wires in one layer and are installed directly over the adss cable. Gripping material is applied on internal part of helical dead ends to assure the perfect contact with cable sheath. A C type thimble should be used to protect the dead-end loop against wear.
  • Suspension clamp 8-13mm
  • Telenco CS 1500 suspension bracket is an aluminium alloy hardware offering high mechanical performances. CS1500 installs on all type of poles: drilled or not, steel, wooden or  concrete made. For drilled poles, installation is to realize with a bolt 14/16mm. the total lenght of the bolt must be at least equal with the pole`s diameter + 20mm. For non-drilled poles, bracket is to install with two pole bands 20mm secured with compatible buckles. We reccomend you to use SB207 pole band together with B20 buckles.
  • The UPB universal bracket is a pole hardware made of aluminium alloy offering high mechanical properties. Its unique design has been engineered so to offer an universal pole hardware solution able to adapt to all cable installation configurations on wooden.
  • Stainless steel clips used with stainless steel bands.
  • Suspension clamp FO ADSS 10-15mm
  • Come along clamps for Fig-8 cables. Messenger 4-12mm.
  • Stainless steel band 20x0,7mm Lenght 50m
  • BTL tool

    Professional tool for steel pole banding applications on telecom poles or other elements included on overhead line networks configurations
  • ACADSS10 Anchor clamp fiber optics cable 9-12mm ACADSS12 Anchor clamp fiber optics cable 11-14mm ACADSS14 Anchor clamp fiber optics cable 13-16mm ACADSS16 Anchor clamp fiber optics cable 15-17mm ACADSS18 Anchor clamp fiber optics cable 17-19mm