BSIDE S11 Multimeter


Advanced Testing and Measuring for Professionals: Designed to be used by both professionals in a commercial setting, or DIYers that need more from their digital multimeter.
Non-Contact Voltage Detection: The General Purpose Digital Multimeter includes integrated non-contact voltage detection to help get the job done faster.
Accurate Measurements Every Time: Able to measure voltage, current, resistance, continuity capacity & frequency on one device with the safety and accuracy expected of professional grade equipment.
Durable & Built-to-Last Design: Made of high quality materials providing protection against short circuits; constructed to withstand frequent use in various work environments.
Perfect Tool For Any Level Technician: No matter your experience level, this is perfect for novice users.

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Product model: S11
Allowable maximum voltage: 620V DC or 620V AC (effective value)
Frequency: 1Hz60KHz
Resistance: 60MΩ
Buzzer on and off: when the measured resistance50Ω
Capacitance: 1nF99.99mF
Diode: automatically identify diodes less than 3.0V
Duty cycle: 0.1%99.9% (ACV2620V)
Voltage detection and alarm: 90V1000V
AC voltage test: 12V1000V
Maximum display value: 9999 digits
Automatic shutdown time: about 5 minutes
Weight: S10: approximately 230 g
Product size: 143.4*70.9*15.7mm


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